A maelstrom inside me... for the muse inside...

I can't remember all of the times I was penalized or punished for my overactive imagination in my youth but what else could a hyperactive precocious reader do? Teachers were boring and my peers and I didn't see eye to eye. (I never realized that until much later); i could learn more from reading a book without having my peers jeering at me or a teacher telling me what to do. I was reading at an adult level at ten years of age but my social skills were lacking. My imagination was useful for insulating the blows I received from the real world; I learned many lessons in a harsh manner and i wasn't parented very well in many ways. It was only later that I became at least somewhat thankful for the special school I was forced to attend. The wide variety of people I met there have been useful many times over. I was exposed to the blind, the deaf, the para and quadrilplegic and the learning disabled in many forms. My siblings made fun of me for mispronouncing words but I at least was up to the challenge to learning as many words as i could. Rather than try to stomp out my imagination, i fueled it with as many books and experiences I could find or sample. It wasn't an easy path; to this day I feel that I am barely tolerated by those around me. It is only when I have my word processor open and figuratively surrounded by my creations that I feel like I belong. I am grounded in reality; I always have been but it was the fringes of such that were most interesting to me; I found that living inside the box wasn't really living while outside of the box was a near infinite vista. I quit asking 'what' or 'why' at a young age because I could usually find the answers for those questions in a reference book but 'what if' never failed to pique my imagination. Unlike 'what', 'what if' had to be answered from what I had learned which would then spawn further questions and so on. You should never stop learning because your brain needs exercise too. There is a skull floating behind my back and my plaque is playing some music but there was a blue eyed cat around here a moment ago; has anyone seen it?

CV: Male, 50's, Married, Children: 0

Education Level: Bachelors Degree - IT (Earned at 41)

Day Job: Factory Work

Spare time: Novel Writing

Contact: linnommt@gmail.com


A Jaded Bard

This blog is for general commentary ranging from the personal to the political anmd most all points in between. i come from a very politicized family where you were expected to vote when you could and to take sides in current ebvents (along with proof to back up your position). Perhaps this led to more competition than was healthy but I was never short on current events information. I still stay informed as best as possible. .

A Jaded Lyricist

I was using this secondary blog to post my parody lyrics but i now post those at this location (Warning: My sense of humor is truly biting... you have been warned.). I now use the above site for my original lyrics as I think them into existence. My Muse has little time to rest but as long as you exercise your brain, you will always be able to cogitate on things..





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