The Spiritlands

"In a place of uncertain presents and discarded futures that has no name, the Gods endlessly tamper with the land and racekind always pays the price. Because of the Gods, the spirits of the dead dwell with the living and those of the dead who become reanimated prey on the living for sustenance or amusement. Djoggi, Ymarrh and D'Aeleth are locked in a never ending battle for supremacy. and no one is immune from their tampering. There are weapons to kill the foul minions of D'Aeleth but why should racekind suffer so at the hands of the Gods? There will come a day when a mortal will remember every slight against racekind and will defy the Gods for the sake of those left living. Until that time comes, the best that racekind can hope for is to live, die and then stay dead if at all possible........"

From the moment he was birthed, torment and danger follow Torvii wherever he goes. The offspring of a DokkAelfen father and a LiosAelfen/Human mother, crossborn filth such as he was often killed on sight but Torvii grew up as a charl in a place where most all were human. He is initially told that his strange looks are because of a sickness that he suffered, but leave it to a mage fallen out of favor to tell Torvii the truth of things...and not just about his origins.

When it comes to being a mage of the land, the choosing of such is rather arbitrary. Either the groves of trees will tell you to cut a staff or they will be silent in your presence. It doesn't matter who you are... rich or poor.. old or young...or an orphaned crossborn charl using a piece of Magen Forest wood as a counter balance. As Torvii grows older, he moves behind the belittling boundaries that his slavery represents and once he decides to be free, nothing will stand in his way...or else...

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A Jaded Bard

This blog is for general commentary ranging from the personal to the political anmd most all points in between. i come from a very politicized family where you were expected to vote when you could and to take sides in current ebvents (along with proof to back up your position). Perhaps this led to more competition than was healthy but I was never short on current events information. I still stay informed as best as possible. .

A Jaded Lyricist

I was using this secondary blog to post my parody lyrics but i now post those at this location (Warning: My sense of humor is truly biting... you have been warned.). I now use the above site for my original lyrics as I think them into existence. My Muse has little time to rest but as long as you exercise your brain, you will always be able to cogitate on things..





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