The Twisted Earth

It has been almost 300 years since WW III erupted on Earth and though the instigators of the conflict are long dead, their twisted legacy of truth and lies is what they have given to those in the present (along with plenty of poisoned ground.). Human beings have survived to an extent but they are no longer the sole dominant species. There are Lizard Men, S'Rethen, S'leethi and many others like them, most of which don't like humans (except as a main course). It is hard to say which poses the most danger in the new world; is it the naturally mutated creatures or is it the ones created from human tampering long ago? The answer probably depends on who ( or what) is asked...

Follow the saga of Hiram Evil Schwerin as he comes of age in this new realm. The capacity of humans to tamper with things appears to have no limitations... but what is created from that tampering may have a mind of its own... or something like it;...

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A Jaded Bard

This blog is for general commentary ranging from the personal to the political anmd most all points in between. i come from a very politicized family where you were expected to vote when you could and to take sides in current ebvents (along with proof to back up your position). Perhaps this led to more competition than was healthy but I was never short on current events information. I still stay informed as best as possible. .

A Jaded Lyricist

I was using this secondary blog to post my parody lyrics but i now post those at this location (Warning: My sense of humor is truly biting... you have been warned.). I now use the above site for my original lyrics as I think them into existence. My Muse has little time to rest but as long as you exercise your brain, you will always be able to cogitate on things..





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