Writer for Hire!

This page isn't about what you can do for me... it is about what I can do for you. I have excellent skills with the written word and I have decided to put them to use (for remuneration of course!). The following isn't a complete list of what I can do for you; if you have some work that isn't specifically listed here, feel free to drop me a line!


SEO/Web Content When i am done, you will be much easier to find

Advertising Copy - Let me describe your product to the world! Not only can I write copy, i can come up with a jingle or whatever else you might need. (Contact Me)

Parody Lyrics - Whether they are for laughs or for consolance, I can write them! $5.00 per Parody.

Blogging - I can also add viable content to your blog! Long term agreements will have precedence. (Contact Me)

Proofreading - I can give your English copy or academic documents a crucial and experienced eye.

Conversion of English language content into American English - Machine translation programs are getting better every day but if you are a foreign entity looking to break into the American market, you will have only one chance to impress. Americans are a particular and experience oriented lot and if your text doesn't flow in the proper manner, they may go shop elsewhere. Let me look over your English website or advertising copy and make sure it is written with Americans in mind. $5.00 per page.

Ghost Writing - I have a lot on my plate regarding my own Novel/Comic Book/Musical ideas and while I can't spare the time for full novel ghost writing, i might be available for smaller projects. (Contact Me)

Subletted Projects - I am willing to consider such items as long as my asking price is met.

If you have writing oriented work that isn't specifically covered here, contact me with the details. We should be able to work out something.

Payment - Payment to me will be through Paypal (linnommt@gmail.com)



A Jaded Bard

This blog is for general commentary ranging from the personal to the political anmd most all points in between. i come from a very politicized family where you were expected to vote when you could and to take sides in current ebvents (along with proof to back up your position). Perhaps this led to more competition than was healthy but I was never short on current events information. I still stay informed as best as possible. .

A Jaded Lyricist

I was using this secondary blog to post my parody lyrics but i now post those at this location (Warning: My sense of humor is truly biting... you have been warned.). I now use the above site for my original lyrics as I think them into existence. My Muse has little time to rest but as long as you exercise your brain, you will always be able to cogitate on things..





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