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While I have other interests, my writing is my central reason for having a website. I write for an older teen/adult market and I often stray on the darker side of human nature. (The genre is called Grimdark) I have only written one child friendly short story and it can be found here. My first completed novel was a Fan Fiction piece based on 'The Highlander' Series and movies and it can be found here. I started writing the aforementioned novel in 2002, put it away for two years and then took it out and finished it. I was hoping I could find a way to publish it but when that fell through, i put it up on a fan fiction site. I completed Digit Eyes around the same time as I completed Volume Two of my Twisted Earth series and once they were done, more novels followed. My writing has been called everything from quirky to extremely dark. I consider no topic to be above being treated in a literary fashion and if I think something potentially offensive belongs in a novel I write, it will be included. In Part 2 and Part 3 of my Diginoir Quadrilogy, the protagonist is stranded in Pakistan and has to deal with the massive numbers of Islamic fervent hell bent on killing him and his family. His main antagonist is the penultimate expression of religious zealotry, a Muslim who believes he will eventually rule the world under shari'a. No one is forcing people to buy my written work so if what i write offends you, don't read it. The links above will take you to the Series pages that are here while the links in the graphics will take you to Smashwords where my novels (and others) can be purchased. As my writing moves along, I will post updates in the news section of my website.


A Jaded Bard

This blog is for general commentary ranging from the personal to the political anmd most all points in between. i come from a very politicized family where you were expected to vote when you could and to take sides in current ebvents (along with proof to back up your position). Perhaps this led to more competition than was healthy but I was never short on current events information. I still stay informed as best as possible. .

A Jaded Lyricist

I was using this secondary blog to post my parody lyrics but i now post those at this location (Warning: My sense of humor is truly biting... you have been warned.). I now use the above site for my original lyrics as I think them into existence. My Muse has little time to rest but as long as you exercise your brain, you will always be able to cogitate on things..





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