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Welcome to my Digital Home!

When you combine a time consuming task with my built in procrastination, it can be a deadly mix indeed... but things eventually get done. While a style sheet does streamline some tasks, finding the right spot to edit is a matter of edit, save, view ... and then repeat numerous times until things look the way you want. It is fortunate that templates like this exist because coding this from scratch woudl be even more time consuming... I am sure you get the picture. Web Fonts are also a neat idea but you can't see them in Design mode in Dreamweaver... so I am typing this into the code page. Every once in a while I save and then look at page in Live View to make sure I am on track. I have a lot of website to get done this time but I should be up to the task. If you have no idea who I am, click on the 'About' tab for information on that.

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