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March 17, 2019

I started out the year determined to finish up Part Four of The Diginoir Quadrilogy but at the moment, I am both working on a Musical and adding to my Good/Bad lineup for my Comic Book series. Unlike my bovels, these aren't things I can simply publish on my own. My CB series needs an artist/inker to bring the characters to life while I think a musical will need representation (as in an Agent). I am thankful that my muse has been prolific in regards to writing ideas. One future project I will have will be a take on the male humans dying off from a WMD attack going awry. I would love to find an Artist/Inker for my CB series but as idea rich as I am, I am also cash poor. My CB series will take place in Los Angeles and it will be adult themed/oriented. This doesn't mean pornography; think of it as Grimdark.

January 12, 2019

Here I am finally making good on my vow to post more often so here we go. I am currently working on a humorous musical centered around a broad aspect of Health Care (Sorry I can't be more specific at this time; something like this only gets published Post Production) but as soon as I have this at least Rough Drafted, I will finish up Diginoir. From there it is a bit hazy. I may either continue on my Short Story collection or start Volume 2 of The Singularity Rift. Stay tuned for more... much more!

June 1st, 2018

While I couldn't think of any very good reason to do so, here is another redo of my website. I like the fact that most of the content is embedded as text lines versus high load value graphics but this is a lot of website. That means I probably won't have it all working at once but I will get it done. There is now a contact form for leaving feedback (in addition to my usual social media icons). There is one major change, though. Due to the harassment from Facebook about my speaking my mind, the FB link is only a landing spot. I have delinked from almost all of my FB groups and deleted all extraneous information I could find. look for me at MeWe.com or LinkedIn. I am going to try and put information on this site on a regular basis but i have a lot of things on my plate at this time... so bear with me.

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