October 1, 2017 - It has been almost four years since I added to this... I am a champion procrastinator when I choose to be. A lot has happened in tbe last four months though. Diginoir is coming along; I am at 226 rough draft pages. I recommend Grammarly as an add in for MS Word. It is pretty good at catching typos. I think I will upgrade to the premium verson when I have the money. What started as a means to test my creativity has blossomed into a collection of super powered people and super powered villains. I am not sure what I am going to do with my list. It would be nice to see them come alive for a readership but I am usually the only one who takes my writing seriously. My day job is still a grind but as long as money keeps coming in, I can write in my spare time.

June 4, 2017 - Here is another update. I still need to get back to my final volume of the Diginoir series but in the interim, I have written two short stories and part of a third. I am also doing Comic Book copy. One day after reading a bunch of digital comic titles, I began thinking about my own set of Super Heroes/Heroines and Villians. It didn't take long before I had a pretty good list of characters (including rather grimdark backstory in some cases). I can't list the characters here because I still have to protect my original ideas. If i can find an artist/inker for my ideas, you might yet see some of my Comic Book content in print. (Some 411: I will not pay $300 a page because I would be paying the Artist up front before I sell even one Comic Book.) Now that I have most all of my software working, it is time to dive into some content creation. Daz and Poser are what I really want to learn.

March 11, 2017 - This is what happens when you ignore your website for too long. I had to reactivate it and then make what modifications that were needed before I reupped it. My writing is still steaming forward but I need to gat back to my final volume in the Diginoir Quadrilogy. I work at a local factory to pay the bills but I get three days off a week to mess around on my PC so I think it is okay. I will try to stay on top of this.

July 6, 2016 - I am finally getting around to fixing some typos in my website copy. I am once more continuing with the final volume in the Diginoir Quadrilogy (Diginoir) and I look forward to getting it finished. My next project is going to be called Nursing Home: The Musical. It will be a humorous look at a Nursing Home but the humor will be tasteless and the player roles extremely stereotyped. I have three Beta Readers to help me out with its creation. I will post more news as it happens.

October 25, 2015 - After a twenty four hour editing session (and about four hours for a cover design), Anomaly Ascending is going live tonight. (It may be up to twenty four hours before it appears for sale). As stated before, i will once more make Diginoir my new writing goal. After that novel is done, I (tentatively) will start Part Three of The Spiritlands series. It will be called 'The Bane of Shadow'.

October 3, 2015 - I have decided to put Diginoir aside (The fourth (and concluding) volume in my Diginoir uadrilogy series) in order to edit a novel I have already completed. It will be Part One of a new series (The Singularity Rift) and will be called Anomaly Ascending. When a Singularity Rift (a dimensional tear that has gained Black Hole properties) is trapped in a graphene composite elevator shaft, it suborns the elevators connected to the shaft and populates the elevator destinations with places it has visited before. For the humans trapped inside of the building, the cross dimensional hell is a place where (unfortunately) most anything is possible....

August 2, 2015 - I have some quiet time so I am making a few modifications to my website. Writing the final volume in my Diginoir Quadrilogy series is going slower than anticipated because of what else I have on my plate. The going is also slower because Diginoir will be a little more complicated than what I have previously written in this story arc. I work my day job six days a week in addition to whatever I do online so if you are patient, you will eventually be rewarded with a completed novel.

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